Bring America Back Together!

Bring America Back Together!

Bring America Back Together!Bring America Back Together!Bring America Back Together!

Washington is broken.  Both parties are moving further away from each other.  We need strong leadership to bridge the divide.

Become a Presidential Elector!

Support our campaign.  We need a full slate of electors in a number of states to be an official Write-In candidate and get on the ballot.  If you'd like to be a Presidential Elector in the 2020 General Election, please reach out to our team.  We'd love to hear from you!



Your contribution will go toward ballot access as this Independent Presidential candidate works to compete with the major parties.  Make a donation to our campaign today!

Contribution Rules

1.  I am a U.S citizen or permanent resident.

2.  I am a least 18 years of age.

3.  I am not a federal contractor.

4.  This contribution is made from my funds.

5.  This donation made with my credit card.

6.  Max contribution per individual is $2,800.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card




Shawn W. Howard has the experience we need to be U.S. President in 2020.  He has over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, having previously served as Chief Investment Officer for a publicly traded bank.  He holds an undergrad degree from Bryant University and an MBA from Boston College.

Shawn Howard, Candidate for U.S. President, with family.


Shawn Howard is a family man, with a beautiful wife and two phenomenal young daughters.  He strives to always be a great husband and father.  Originally from Massachusetts, Shawn and his family recently moved to sunny Florida

U.S. Presidential Candidate Shawn W. Howard at the Truman White House.


To be President of the United States, you need to know the issues and take a balanced approach to solving them.  Shawn is an independent, who takes a centrist view on politics.  He believes both sides need to work together to conquer their differences.